Monday, January 04, 2010

More leaves!

Seriously, I don't think I can get enough leaf stamps! I have loads of flowers, but I love leaves even more. They can be used for so many occasions! *Oh my goodness, I just came to look over my post, I cannot believe I spelled leaves wrong in my title.*

I had been meaning to make some fun patterned paper using these leaves from the Paradise set, some kraft cardstock, and some pigment heavy inks. After creating quite the swatch with at least 5 different kinds of ink, I settled on using mostly Palette inks. They show up nice and vibrant on the kraft cardstock. I stamped the leaves all over. Next I cut up the paper into 4 pieces 4x5.25 in size. I stamped a few more leaves (this time from Turning a new leaf) then stamped a Textstyle background image over it all in Sahara Sand. Finally, I coloured the edges with Chamomile tea ink. I decided to use some Vintage White cardstock, buttons and jute thread to complete the natural feel.

I had been trying to post more, however life has been bit hectic. Back in early November, my cat was diagnosed with Diabetes. It's been an interesting learning process. Things had been going so well, but she had a hypoglycemic episode the other night (at midnight of course!), so now we have to keep an even closer watch on her, and check her glucose levels more frequently. She is not a fan! And this all comes a mere week before I'm leaving for holidays. So basically, I'm just taking things one day at a time, and hopefully things will settle down by the end of the week.

Happy new year!


  1. ((hugs)) for you and your cat. My cat had diabetes, so I can empathize with you on that. I'm sure things will even out soon.

    I love the cards. I too love leaves and that set is on my list.

  2. Very pretty cards! I love this set:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting.