Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Menu

This was one of my submissions for the Star Stamper monthly contest at Papertrey Ink. I had a lot of fun making it, since I rarely make such a large, matching ensemble. I started out with a place card, then a napkin ring, and a wine charm. I really wanted a menu, so I looked up Thanksgiving Menu and found one I liked here. I looked through my fonts, and although I am not sure it's a definite match, I found one that was pretty darn close. Imagine my delight when I found something similar out of 1, 430 fonts!

I thought I'd finish off the ensemble with a simple, yet sweet card- featuring one of my favorite layouts. I jazzed it up by tying the gold cord with the chocolate twill (this is terribly annoying to do, but looks stunning) and by cutting out and popping up the pine cone.

Stamps: Papertrey Ink- First Fruits