Sunday, September 28, 2008

Swedish Collage Challenge!!

Starving Artistamps is running their first ever company sponsored challenge. The challenge will run until October 1st. Everyone who participates will be put into the raffle and one person will be chosen by random number generator to win YOUR CHOICE of one FULL SHEET of Starving Artistamps or DoodleFactory unmounted rubber stamps!
Here is your challenge should you choose to accept it!
There are several key points which regularly appear in Swedish collage style stamping...

The shape of the card is SQUARE
A bold mix of PATTERN PAPERS is used
CHIPBOARD titles (in any language!), BUTTONS and/or STAPLES are often incorporated into the design
COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR the more colour the better! (this is not your regular vintage style collage frequently done in the states! Ban the brown!)

Think you are up to the challenge?
Here is how you can participate. From now until October 1st email a link to your blog showing your version of the Swedish collage style challenge card. Please include your name in your email. We will post links to your blogs here and in the gallery.
Here is the email for questions and submissions:

I know there are only a few days left for the challenge, but it'd be great to see your take on this fun and unique style! I struggled for a bit with it, so here's what I did to help get the juices flowing...First up, bring in another person, get them to help you choose your supplies. In this case I got my sister to help choose my supplies. We went through the stamps, chose an image and sentiment that went together. Next, she chose some coordinating papers for me. I found some matching sticker letters. She found me some buttons. Then, I went away from my craft area, bringing only what I needed. It came together really quickly. It's the craziest card, it's nothing like I've ever made before (and honestly not likely to make again), but the challenge of it was really fun!
Stamps: Starving Artistamps (DoodleFactory Animals, Clouds, Outdoors sentiments)
Ink: Tuxedo Black
Paper: Scenic Route Metropolitan Collection
Buttons: Many companies
Stickers: sei
White embossing powder

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  1. Cool Natasha! It totally made me smile! I've never heard of the style before but it's fun and vivid! Awesome job!