Friday, September 29, 2006

Gold Autumn Sunset

So here's one of the items I've made today on my day off! The card uses a lot of pearlex! On the black paper, I stamped the leaves in versamark, then dabbed various colours of pearl ex over top. For the shimmery mustard paper, I mixed some Aztec Gold and rubbing alcohol, then painted it over ( I didn't have any empty spritz bottles). The mustard really resembles the brushed gold now. The lone leaf and the thanks are embossed in gold.


  1. That is just beautiful! I am wondering...does the Gold stay on without some kind of fixative? Thank you for sharing!

  2. The gold stays on unless you really work at rubbing it off (I just tried, I had to rub it pretty hard before I got any on my fingers). With the pearlex mixed with the rubbing alcohol, it absorbs into the paper quite well. If you really wanted to seal it though, just use a matte sealer of even hair spray.