Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday: Stamping Day

As the day progresses, I will be updating with a few projects. Technically I made this one late Saturday, but I'm still putting it here. I had an upline meeting on Friday night, and as always learned a few things! I applied one of the things I learned onto this card. Do you like the look of the glittered dryer sheets, but do not use dryer sheets? Well, my up-upline showed us that interfacing works fabulously. The glitter sticks into all the pockets. So here's my winter wonderland example, very simple, easy, and ever-so sparkly! I used the sets Snowflake Spot and Glad Tidings. I glued the interfacing on my mod-podging the main image. If you're careful with the mod podge, the inked images will not run.

4:00 PM update:
I've always wanted to try to create a stepper box. They look so neat, but I figured they were beyond my coordination. However, I used some very detailed instructions, and I also saw the process at convention, so I was able to make one. I decided to use something other Christmas papers. I did buy some of the halloween papers, so that is what I used. I only have a Halloween wheel and that didn't work with what I had in mind, so I used the autumn images from Sew Seasonal. I made little dangling shrink charms using the pumpkin and the leaf. Here's the project open. I figure I will fill this with Halloween treats for a special someone.

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