Sunday, February 18, 2007

Caramel Apples and A Clear Creation

Earlier this week I had a serious hankering for a caramel apple. They always look so amazing, but I am too cheap to buy one. Instead I went with a Spartan and some of those square caramels. I just heated the caramels at half power in the microwave for a minute at a time until it was nice and runny, then I dipped my cored apple into the caramel, and rolled that into a pile of Skor bits and sprinkles on wax paper. I used a long pretzel for the stick, this was quite a nice contrast with the sweetness of the candy, and the tartness of the apple. Amazingly, I didn't even make much of a mess (a rarity when I am in the kitchen...). I just really liked this photo I took of the apple and wanted to share it.

I spent most of the day making a top-secret project for my Artisan submission. These are coming along a tad slower than I'd like, especially the scrapbooking portion. It's also really annoying since they can't be posted online, and I like to share my work, sorry :(

But I do have a card creation for you! I cleaned up my area briefly, then I got out all my clear stamps (all 4 sets, although I do have a few more on the way!) and was playing around. I really liked how this one turned out. It's really simple, but I like it. I rarely do short images with long greetings, and because of the clear stamps, this was a snap. I love being able to put different sentiments together on the block and position it so easily with other images. After finally using this set and making a card with it, I think I may just get some more of the Hero Arts alphabet sets. They are SO much cheaper than the rubber & wood HA stamps, and you get a lot more! Now to decide which other letters would be good choices...


  1. Your card with the clear set is great...I don't know if I am sold on clear just yet (my images are not as distinct as with my rubber).

  2. Your caramel apple looks and sounds YUMMY! Great card, too.

  3. Oh, I want a caramel apple. I have an old recipe from the 1940's made with Eagle Brand Milk that is out of this world. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That caramel apple looks good. Every time I walk by one at the Forks I want one. Maybe before I leave.

    Hopefully I'll see you before then~~