Saturday, February 24, 2007

Creating, but not stamping...

I needed to make a card today, but I just wasn't feel inspired to use any of my stamping stuff. I recently discovered which has loads and loads of digital stuff. So I pieced together a card using a variety of the items available there. I chose the size 3.5x7, started from there in Photoshop, then went to work. Then I printed it out onto cardstock, voila, instant card! Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my stamping, I just needed a mini-break. Tomorrow I will probably attempt something else. Today is kind of a don't feel like doing much of anything day. I'm posting the computer, flat version of the card, instead of a photo of a digital creation (that seemed redundant).

And here's another digi-page. Again, I used various items from Atomic Cupcake. This one has photos from my Spring trip to Victoria. This was one of the tourist-y places we checked out. It wasn't all that tourist-y when we were there, as it was extremely windy, rainy, and chilly. However, all the flowers and plants were still very beautiful. Also, since it was so cloudy, photography conditions were actually quite optimum. I've got some way better photos from that day, however these ones matched colour-wise with my page.