Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dragonflies + Music =Yay (and some starry circles

I received my birthday present today from my brother and his girlfriend. So, of course, I had to break it in, and what better day than Sketch Challenge Wednesday to do so! I had specifically asked for a sheet music background stamp, and that is what I got (and a cool Canada's Wonderland monster finger puppet). I wasn't in the mood for pairing it with flowers, so I decided, whynot the dragonfly? I just kind of decided on colours based on what was near me. Although putting almost any softer colour with shades of brown is usually a reliable colour combination. I did a little bit of crayon resist with the dragonfly image.The extended word window tabs were made by folding the paper in half then punching through the two layers.

Honestly, siblings, sheesh. How old are we? I quickly whipped something up with the awesome Amuse stamp Tamara bought me. I will do something cooler once I am home from work. I

just didn't have much time. And it would figure that this morning would be the morning when the batteries from my new camera finally died. Guess I'll be recharging those later too. I had to use the "old" camera, I had forgotten just how small the LCD screen was on that one...


  1. without a doubt, the nicest card ever.

  2. This is beautiful...great mix of stamps, colors and embellishments!

  3. Your brother is not at all biased in that statement. Although I have yet to see any other birthday stamp cards... you know which stamp.

    your sister

  4. ouch.... the claws!! :)

  5. No claws, just bringing up a point. Wouldn't want any new stamps to feel left out.


  6. ok, WOW to your dragonfly card - that looks awesome! Love the effect of the resist, and that touch of green.