Saturday, January 31, 2009

A bit more CHA

I mentioned glitter being everywhere, well here's a fun new product from Plaid. On a side note, the ladies in the Plaid booth were so nice, I really didn't expect to spend so much time there. We started out with this product- Extreme Glitter. It comes in 11 colours and is really quite spectacular. It's almost like Mod Podge, but with glitter in it. It's not messy and it doesn't flake or wipe off. Here's a glimpse at the colours available.

And the rest of the colours. In case you're counting, keep in mind that the green in the above photo is the same green as the one in the bottom left of the photo below.

The make and take project for the Extreme Glitter was a wooden bangle, I didn't make one (not much of a bangle wearer here), but Emily, Lynn, and Beth all seemed to enjoy making theirs.

Here are some sample projects covered with the glitter. Some fun Halloween items:

And some cute baby projects:

Next we headed to the another corner in that booth where we tried One Stroke painting. I had never tried that type of painting, so it was interesting to learn the very basics. Sorry, no pictures of that, lol.

Next up is Daisy Bucket. I really enjoyed the samples in their booth, lots of fun projects! Like this cute little cupboard:

Some totally adorable cards:

This fun monster book:

Here's a look at some of their monster products. I really liked the colours and images here (I have no idea if this is a new line or not).

They also had a nice black and white line.

And finally, I really want that Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy stamp. :D

Next up is a bit of Pink Paislee. I only took a few pictures here. There's this fun line- I'm sure you are all aware of how much I love blue and orange together by now!

And some of the coordinating samples from that line:

That's all for now. I was going to discuss some of the general trendy type things I saw in another post. Thanks for stopping by!

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