Saturday, December 30, 2006


Here's a cheerful card to brighten up this foggy, snowy day. I finally pulled out the gift set and created something I was pleased with. The inspiration came from the Saturday inspiration challenge seen here . I used the colours of the blocks behind the word friend for my colours.

The little paisley charm was made using polyshrink. I stamped the paisley with orchid onto sanded polyshrink, then coloured it in and shrank it.


  1. Saw this on SCS earlier but was too busy to comment (scanning thumbnails again!). Awesome work!


    Dear Natasha:

    I had frequented your blog earlier but, in a template change fiasco, I lost your URL. Today I tripped over it again, and I was so impressed that I blogged about you. I am sure you know already of your talents but I thought you might like to know that someone was posting about you (just in case you had an eerie feeling come over you!).

    Cheers, Allison

  3. this is so darn cute!