Sunday, December 31, 2006

Just can't get enough!

I love this colour combination. There's just something very fun about pink, teal, and brown! This was one of those cards where I sat down at my space and had no idea what I felt like doing. I knew I wanted to use All in a Row, so I started with that. I found some paper where it wasn't supposed to be, so I continued with that. Then I decided that since I was using Winter mini paper and colour scheme, I would use a winter mini set, Big Pieces. So that's pretty much my design thought process from last night.

I will be posting the tutorial for faux airbrushing some time soon. I just have to organize my stuff and take the photos.

In other news, how about a New Year's Eve challenge? A while back my sister came up with this one challenge. Put together a card using a colour combination with colours that would taste GOOD together. Stampin' Up! isn't the only company with food inspired names, but it's a place to start. Maybe some chocolate chip, barely banana, and very vanilla is on the menu? Or perhaps some always artichoke, more mustard, and certainly celery? If you choose to partipate, please post a link to your gallery or blog! Also, why not join in the fun? Start your own New Year's Challenge!!

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  1. Oooh! My challenge! If I only had your markers out here I would make another one. We'll see what happens.