Friday, September 14, 2007


If you're a frequent visitor to my blog, you may have noticed that I have NEVER shared a glimpse into my stamping space. Why is that? My "studio" is in complete shambles about 97% of the time. But slowly, I am trying to change (it's a little hard when you keep acquiring new stuff though). Earlier this summer, I picked up the Ink Caddy. It was one of those purchases I didn't want to make, but was really necessary. There's so many other fun things to spend that money on right! I've got 4 sets of those rollable drawer stations. They work quite well, most of the time. I've also got a cutting station (which is currently in a state of disaster). I've also got a dry embossing, wet embossing, and die-cutting station (basically those 3 items jammed onto a tiny desk on the boundaries of my area). I try to keep that one tidy because each of those 3 activities require a fair bit of space. Anyway, today I was offered not one, but TWO tall shelves with bins. I only have one so far, I'm picking up the other one tomorrow. I am LOVING it so far! So brace yourselves everybody, here's a glimpse into the space that is my stamp studio. My previous background stamp storage was terrible, and at times dangerous, so I would stop using all but the 3 I left out. I never used my Pink Cat stamps because they were out of reach. No more! I also put the wheels up there. I don't see myself getting any more background stamps, but there's space if I need it. The next shelf contains various embellishments, etc, separated by acrylic dividers. I've got buttons, brads, and eyelets in one space. Next there's watercolor paints and various sparkly and shimmery items (pearl ex, glitter, etc). Then there's my retired and non-Su inks. The next shelf, and this I was really excited about, is for punches! Before, I managed to fit all those in a drawer. It wasn't pretty. And that drawer weighed a ton. If you needed the punch at the back of the drawer, you risked dropping the drawer or tipping the whole storage unit. No more!! Next I have my ribbon (the previous "organization" was a box on the floor and one drawer- it's not all of it, more will go in next unit. The bottom 2 spaces are still a bit undecided. For now I've got more embellishments, various parts of Simply Scrappin' kits, fiskars texture templates, loose stamps and chipboard. Those may change. In the next unit, I will be putting some paper, my clear stamp collection, more ribbon, pencil crayons, and items like the pretties kits, hodgepodge hardware, alterables, and possibly paper. So there you have it. A tiny glimpse into my stamping studio. Trust me, you definitely don't want to see the rest right now.


  1. Hi Natasha
    I visit your blog every day and think your designs are amazing. You are SO talented.. I would swap tidy for talented any day!! I came across this stamp room on the internet and have to say even I feel bad!! Check it out -
    Keep up the fantastic work - I love everything you do!!

  2. Congrats on your winning papertrey design!!! BTW, LOVE your organization!!!

  3. Wow! I'd love to come play at your house!!

  4. Hey girl!! I am so excited for you on the PTI Guest Star Stamper!! SOOOO Cool!! So inspiring.

    Can you email me and tell me what those bins were used for originally? Are they available for purchase somewhere? They are wicked perfect! I love that you can SEE everything. My drawers and table tops are ridiculous!!

  5. Great job! Organizing can be so much fun and rewarding. I have not posted much of my craft room either. I keep hoping as I keep creating stuff (and using my supplies) that it will look better and I could post pics, but I keep buying more supplies that I don't have room for. LOL! I've decided it is a long process...