Sunday, October 08, 2006


You remember those hilarious beaded strings that you'd put in your doorway. Well, I was inspired by those for this card. Sometimes, when you make a card, you just kind of laugh the whole time. This is one of those cards. I guess I was just so amused that I took my inspiration from those beaded door decorations. The paper is from American Traditional Designs, Celebrate collection, and the image comes from the After 5 collection. I'm not what you would call a big party-er, but I love the fun, retro images from the After 5 collection. Other items on this card are rhinestones and silver cord. I attached the rhinestones with glue dots. While doing so I was trying NOT to think of the fact that I was using 12 glue dots on 1 card. I know I buy these things so I can use them on my creations, but sometimes you just want to keep it all just sitting nicely in your collection.

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  1. Again... it's another cool and happen' retro creation! Very hip!