Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breathe of New Life

I really wasn't feel that into creating anything tonight. It was kind of crazy day at the pharmacy (over 270 prescriptions!), so I was feeling a little spent. However, the colour challenge was very inspiring. I decided to pull out one of the first sets I got. These colours certainly bring a fresh new life to any stamp set. I was looking through my embellishments, and noticed that not only do these rhinestones match 2 of the colour challenge colours, but they are also the perfect size for the All the Best flower centers!

And now for something not directly stamp related... I almost always have the itunes blasting in the background, so I thought I'd share my incredibly eclectic top ten songs (can't say I didn't warn you!) that are my favorites right now. I would love to hear your top ten music list for stamping to!
Here's mine:
  1. Snow (Hey Oh!)- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Kiss on the Mouth- Our Lady Peace
  3. Tangerine Speedo- Caviar
  4. Singing in my Sleep- Semisonic
  5. Phenomenon- LL Cool J
  6. Save Yourself- Stabbing Westward
  7. Hey Ya- Outkast
  8. Anything from the Amelie soundtrack
  9. All Uncovered- The Watchmen
  10. Sugar We're Going Down- Fallout Boy

1 comment:

  1. Hi Natasha,

    I am impressed by your top 10 stamping tunes!! I am also a fan of Outkast, the Chili Peppers- and I LOVE the Amelie soundtrack!!!! I thought you'd find this amusing as well..... I was teaching here (at home) and Jeremy happened to come home a few minutes early, so he got to meet my student. At the next lesson, my student was gushing over how she thought he looked like one of the guys from Fallout Boy (I can't remember who!)

    Anyhoo- I love the cards!!