Saturday, October 07, 2006

And now for something completely different...

What's this? A scrapbook page. It figures, it's takes a proclamation of a "National Card-Making Day" for me to feel like scrapbooking... I don't have the pictures for this yet. I figure, do the layout, then take the pictures. This is a birthday page, so I'll theme it around that. The little file folder will have a little journaled Birthday Wishes wishlist inside.

But never fear, I did make a few cards tonight, and I will make a few more. I kept the designs pretty

simple. First I made a little 4.25 square donut card. The sentiment is raised on a dimensional and placed on the inside of the card. I didn't originally have the little ribbon staple tag, but the card was begging for something else to make it have that magical design of having odd numbers. I'm still not sure about using staples on cards, but I've tried it a few times and not been entirely unhappy with the results.

And finally... I really wanted to use the big ribbon from the Prep School Ribbon Originals set, but it's so big! So I made a pretend bow, tying it in the center with other ribbon. It ended up being pretty overpowering, but I like it anyway.

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  1. Love your blog, and your SCS gallery. Great work.