Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Aubergine Petals

So here's a sympathy card. These types of cards aren't the funnest items to make. They are also not the easiest. You don't want to choose the colours, the wrong images, or too many embellishments. Fortunately, this was a commissioned sympathy card, and not one for personal. My grandmother phoned requesting one for a friend of hers (although on the message, she stated she needed a birthday card, so imagine my surprise when I called her back asking for details about the recipient and I was given the information that this wasn't to be a birthday card, but a sympathy card. Wow, how quickly that changes your mindset). So here it is, I pulled out a retired favorite. These flowers work well for somber events. I used textured cardstock because it adds to the card without being overwhelming.


  1. Hi Tashers,

    I've been enjoying your frequent updates. Your creations are all great. If you start writing witty little rhymes Hallmark had better watch out!

    It's pretty morbid of me, but I kind of had to laugh when I imagined your conversation with Grandma and her explaining which person's cousin that you met in Plum Coulee 18 years ago.....

  2. As Jeremy said, I can totally imagine that conversation too.

    This card is really pretty though. I like the colours. I think that purple is one of my favourite colours in general.