Monday, October 30, 2006

Cheerful Notes for a Gloomy Day

There's a winter storm watch/warning today, boo! (Actually, I don't mind winter, I just don't like driving in near zero conditions). So what's the best way to beat gloom? Make cards using orange!

One thing I really love about stamping and cardmaking is the fact that you can completely copy a layout of another card, yet the creation is totally your own. In the new winter mini, there are these adorable "love notes". I thought the layouts were so cute, so I put my own twist on them. Instead of making 3x3 valentines, I made 3x3 friendship cards. I used the flowers from the retired Little Layers Plus and the double-sided paper from Four Seasons. I also had fun setting the scene for my picture.


  1. nice! orange is a sweet colour!

  2. too cute - love the staging for this picture too!!