Monday, October 30, 2006

While I wait...

For 12:00 to roll around, here is a photo of our winter "storm". I'm guessing the final snow total was about 15cm (around 6 inches). It's actually quite nice out, but driving what indeed trechorous. I didn't need to use my gas pedal at all, was coasting the whole way home from work.

Okay!! I have a winner, using my random number generator, I have ome to the number 25. After multiple counting, and a 2nd pair of eyes, I have verified that the winner is Michelle Nadraszky! Michelle please email me here with your mailing address!


  1. oooh it looks all apocalyptic! Or like a Prairie snow storm night sky.


  2. Thank you Natasha! I am soooo excited to receive the prize!

  3. It looks a lot like looking in my neighbourhood in Calgary.... stupid snow LOL

  4. i miss that...

    lol... we still have leaves!

  5. that is some snowfall!! very pretty though!!