Monday, January 15, 2007

Winners and some brief instructions and a card

Alright, there are 2 winners! The first winner is for the Porcelain calendar, that one goes to #33, Amber! The second winner is for the Big and Little Pieces calendar, that one goes to #24 Laura J.

If you two would email me at (Please note this is not a link, merely a text image) with your addresses so I can be sending these on their way!

Okay, now for instructions. Like I said before, the calendar was made from a Windows Publisher 98 template: wallet calendar. I added 2 pages however to my template, one for the title page with just the year on it. The other with the spaces for name, phone number, and address. The calendar prints with crop marks and its cutout size is 3-3/8x 2-1/8. Next, I cut out 7 pieces of coordinating that were 2-1/4x3-1/2. I used the corner rounder on all of these papers. Next you need to line up the 7 panels very carefully. Get some thin stripped tape, and slowly tape in a straight line across all the panels. You use the tape to attach them all. Then get a very long length of ribbon (at least 17.5 inches per SIDE plus some extra). Attach the ribbon to this strip of tape. Make sure you can fold it all up accordian style before covering it up!! Next, stamp the calendars as you wish, then attach them to the panels. On the one side I put the title page, and January-June. On the opposite side I put the information panel, and July- December.

Hopefully that paints a clear enough picture. It's quite an easy project, just lots of cutting and punching, and taping.

I felt this post was lacking some "eye candy" so to speak, so here's a simple one-layer card I made tonight. It's an interesting challenge, to make a card that has dimension without adding any other paper. This is just white folded cardstock.


  1. That one layer card is awesome! I would have never guessed that it was only one layer!

  2. Gorgeous card! Great job masking - sooo much patience! :)