Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I checked out today's colour challenge, loved this bright colour combination! I started out embossing the gable green piece. I wanted to replicate the tiny bubble cuttlebug embossing folder. I did this by using various smaller sized circles. Once I had this done, it screamed FROG to me, and I was a bit sad since the little frog from Very Punny would've been darling on here. But then I started going through my animal set, and I came across this one. I totally forgot that I owned Unfroggetable. Perfect! So it came together from there.

In my other news, my stamps did not arrive today. It's kind of frustrating, to know that they've just been chilling at the UPS place at the airport since 7:00 PM Monday. On the other hand, my "birthday package" should actually arrive on my birthday then, which is cool!! Unfortunately, we already have plans in the evening (out to a play), so sadly, not much time will be available for playing until Friday (got plans Thursday too). I had even bought bandaids in anticipation of mounting 21 sets. I know people absolutely rave about the SU! scissors, and yes, they cut the rubber AWESOMELY, however, after one simple set, I've got the makings of a blister. I guess I cut funny? The larger handles instead of providing extra comfort cause a great deal of pain.
I was thinking I'd like to do another giveaway, it'd be cool to reach 20,000 on my birthday, then it'd be like a double occasion. However, I have no idea what to give away... I'll have to get back to you. Would there be interest in something I've made?? Say, an altoid tin calendar?? Or something else?


  1. 21 new sets!!! Wowza!!!! Happy Birthday to you and by the way, I love this card. I need to play with Unfrogettable more.

  2. Happy Birthday and I hope your stamp sets get to you soon. Very frustrating I know when what you want is just sitting. You will have a ball with 21 new sets.
    And yes, I would love to have something you made like the altoid calendar. That is darling. Good luck on reaching your goal. Enjoy the play.

  3. Happy birthday! Which 21 sets are the lucky ones to get played with by you?? Enquiring minds want to know... Love your blog!

  4. I discovered your blog the very day tha tyou posted the altoid calender. I love it. I hope to case it one day. But I'm not very good at projects like that done. I love today's card also. I'm totally jealous of your 21 new sets. What a great birthday! Have a happy one.

  5. I just discovered your blog and tutorials and love them both. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh my stars...21 sets?? That's terrific. You gotta let us in on the list!

  7. I certainly would be interested in a fun goodie giveaway, and would like nothing more than something you made! Like this GREAT card for instance..hint, hint!