Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cat's Meow

I know this isn't the most popular of Stampin' Up's sets, but I really liked it, and it fit into my "more line art" guidelines. Plus, the stamp in this set where there are the line-up of 3 cats matches my cats. There's the spotted one (Jessie), the long-haired one (Gizmo), and the tabby one (Sammi). I also got this set because I plan on making one of my scrapbook contest entries with it. I was doing some prototypes for that tonight, and unfortunately I cannot share those, due to the strict rules of the contest. I'm pretty excited about how it is starting to turn out. But enough about that, here's my card. I kept it very simple and used a past colour combination as my inspiration: Pumpkin, Plive, and Chocolate. Because these colours remind me of all things retro, I HAD to use linograph. I still am so sad that linograph was retired after a mere year out there. I LOVE it.


  1. Natasha - I like what you did with this image. Not one of my fave sets SU! makes, but you've shown it well!

  2. I almost didn't recognize this SU! set. You've done a great job with it. The colors are perfect! I also feel the same way about Linograph. Great card!
    Rubber Hugs,
    happystamper05 SCS