Sunday, January 07, 2007

Prima Frame

So I received all these fabulous primas from
Amy and I've been determined to use them. I was somewhat inspired by her prima covered B . I've had this small frame from the Christmas Slab just sitting on my desk for the past few weeks. Tonight was the night I was going to finally do something with it. It was sitting right next to the primas and the mod podge, it would seem that it was meant to be. I started just with 2 colours, the purple-ish primas, then filled out the empty spaces with the two browner colours. I also podgied the back of the frame to reinforce all of those flowers. So I had this fabulous frame, but now what?? I scanned all my stamp sets and decided that this image went nicest inside, especially when complimented with a greeting. Next, I went into my box'o'ribbon from Jody's ribbon swap, and what do you know, another match (it matches one of the prima colours). Now, all I needed was paper! I first got out pale plum and perfect plum, since I had used those inks, but it just didn't go. Then I looked at the Enchante papers, again, it wasn't quite right. Finally I rummaged through my textured cardstock stash (I wish it was bigger, I don't know what I was thinking only getting 1 colourwheel pack for 7.99 US when I was in Fargo this Summer). I pulled out this burgundy colour and a tan colour. They seemed like nice compliments to the frame. I couldn't leave them blank, but I didn't want to add too much, I wouldn't want to take away from that prima frame. So, that's my story, this is what happens when I stamp past midnight, I feel the need to share ever excrutiating detail of my creative process with the world.


  1. That's beautiful! I love those colors together! TFS!!

  2. I love that prima frame...oh no, I feel a CASE coming on!