Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Answering a question

If anyone is curious about getting their own gel-a-tins, I ordered mine through them here: http://www.gelatinstamps.com/shop/index.php. My LSS was willing to order them in for me, but their pricing system was actually higher than what the website had listed. The shipping was quite reasonable: $5.00 for expedited (got to me in 4 days from send date). I figured that what I paid for shipping, I saved on PST (they're in Ontario, and I, being in Manitoba, didn't have to pay their PST or ours!).

As far as quality, they are definitely one of the nicest clear stamps I have used. They are extremely sticky, they stay on the block when using the stampin' scrub to clean (I've many a clear stamps NOT stay on during clean-up). The images stamp fabulously. I had a few bead a bit, but a little scrubbing on the dry side of the scrubber fixed that (that's how I also solve that problem with new rubber stamps). The packaging is also super cute, there's something extremely fun about the tins. I've also learned that I am quite fond of this over the CD case storage method. I'm probably going to pick up a few empty case from here: http://www.effectuality.com/store/product.php?store=cdn&lng=en for my other clear stamps.

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  1. Those ARE nice stamps - I like the layering ones. Thanks for the link!