Sunday, March 11, 2007

Remember this design?

I was cleaning up my stamping area yesterday, and I found the Party Pieces wish card that was one of the make'n'takes at Convention. I set it aside thinking, I've got to use this as an inspiration later. I had bought the Petals jumbo wheel, but had yet to use it (probably a record time of 9 days of not using new stuff!). I wasn't in the mood for spring colours, so I went with chocolate inside. I cut a little bit more of my Au Chocolat paper for the base, then set out to recreate the wish card that so many demonstrators have made. For those interested in doing this closure, I'm sure there are a gazillion samples and instructions at SCS, but for your convenience I'll put them here.

The card starts out as a 4-1/4x11 strip. Score it at 1-1/4 from on of the short sides. You'll fold that over, then punch out a half circle with your 1-3/8 circle punch on either side. For the designer paper, I cut it a bit long to give myself some "oops" room. The convention one was 3x4-1/4. I cut mine 3-1/4x4-1/4. The ribbon gets tied on after you've adhered the flap-fold together. (Do NOT attach the front fold to the back, only the flap together) You may notice that the card doesn't stay closed very well, that's where the cute little greeting tab comes into play. Get a pop dot, dimensional, or some foam tape. Place it where the middle of the circle would be. Then attach your circle tag onto that. Make sure that the circle slightly overlaps where you've punched out the half circle on the flap, this is what keeps it shut. Now it probably took me longer to type up these instructions than it did to actually make the give you an idea of its simplicity (and no, I'm not a slow typer). So let's bring this fun layout back for a bit, I think it would lend itself well to all sorts of the fabulous spring mini sets and the patterend papers.

In other news, I finally found the html code for posting my email address. So now, if you have any questions you can directly email if you like!


  1. What a cute card! Thanks for giving the instructions. I will have to try this out.

  2. Yes, the dumb hamster was in a cage. It smelled so bad. The two rabbits without cages (who were gone when I got here) were probably the worst of the smell though...I suppose it could've been worse. Rats would've been worse.
    Anyway, I'm sure messing with the continuity of your blog with these out-of-context, personal messages, eh?
    Well, e-mail is lame, anyway. Only one person gets to read it!!~~
    Let me know if this blog is only for stamping-related comments, or I'll keep defiling it!!

  3. I looooove that brown. So dark and rich. I must get me some I think.