Friday, March 02, 2007

Sparkle and Shine with Joy!

My order of gel-a-tins came today! Here's my first card, a quick, dependable layout. I love the versatility of this set (sparkle & shine) It's got flowers, stars, and these 3 sentiment circles, so it's really great for any occasion. I had Christmas in mind for this one, but it could be used for anything really. Change the colours and you've got a congratulations card, you know? If you're interested in these stamps, it's a Canadian company (yay!), they are clear stamps, and they come in groovy packaging (tins). They are also one of the Scrap-a-Faire booth holders, if you want to check them out there or through the Scraptivity link to the right.

Sorry folks, I've got to take the picture down, this creation has been accepted for publication!


  1. So cute. You are right. These stamps look nice and easy to use. And I love that easter tin!

  2. Go Canada! Sorry. I can't talk about stamping very much. I miss Canada, so I like Canadian stamps. How are things? Korea is weird. All the handsome men have gone somewhere else. Where did they go? They left when I left. I will have to find them.

  3. Very cute! Love the colors and the layout! What darling stamps!