Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pre-teen Masculine Birthday

There's that dreaded trio of words for me as a cardmaker... It was my cousin's birthday this past Wednesday, he just turned twelve. He's got a rather dark, sarcastic sense of humour, like the rest of us, so what do I do?? Balloons seem to childish, as to fun animals, obviously flowers are out (although he might've found that funny...). So I first found a layout I wanted to do (this one should look familiar (see this post from December 31, 2006 ). Then I found some inspiring background paper (these stars are by Cherry Arte). The star from gel-a-tins Superstar, just seemed to be the obvious match. So here it is. There is some piercing along the bottom, but as I have discovered, that's kind of ineffective. I will likely still add an inside white piece of paper for signing and whatnot, then the piercing may show a bit more.


  1. I really like this one...simple but not too boyish (perfect for a 12 year old who thinks he is 27!).

  2. I like traffic lights. But only when they're green.