Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get Better!

These past few days have been busy and exhausting, so unfortunately blogging had to be placed on the back burner. Last night we went to the play, The Constance Wife. We were all feeling quite apathetic and not wanting to go, especially since it had 2 intermissions. I had heard it was a comedy, but my parents thought it was more a dramedy. Turns out, it was pretty funny. Still liked the line from the mother "Are you in love with him? Well there's only one way to tell... (dramatic pause), would you use his toothbrush?". That was pretty funny! But now I have returned, and I am on a post-apple crisp sugar- and black tea- caffeine buzz. (I'm not a regular caffeine drinker of any sort).

Anyway, on the 19th.. I received my Green Grass Stamps. They are beautiful. I really wanted to make something fun with the get better soon stamp. I found some of my el cheapo bandaids and stuck them all over the blue cardstock. I thought this made an adorable background. I was also really feeling these colours (brilliant blue, real red, and yoyo yellow). I find I tend to neglect these, well the blue and yellow anyway (wouldn't want to channel the Blue Bombers...), but with the tan of the bandaid, it all seemed to flow. The greeting is popped up on a dimensional for added fun!

And for any SU! demos, I have a card on Stampers' Showcase today. It was actually already featured on my blog, here: if you care to see it again. Their scanned version is a tad washed out.


  1. Very cute card - what a wonderful idea to use the band-aids. Yep, another household item has just become fair game as card fodder :)

    Congrats on making the Showcase, too!

  2. *cough* I'll pretend it's for me.