Friday, May 18, 2007

Blah Day

Do you ever just have one of those days, you start out, and feel like "yes, today will be a productive day!". But then, by the time you get home, get dinner together, and actually sit for a moment, absolutely all motivation is lost. Last night, I had every intention of at least doing something. Seriously, I sat at my desk for 2 hours (while watching the season finales of Smallville, then Scrubs) and did almost nothing. I stamped the word "groovy" with my new Groovy Letters alphabet set. Then I cut it out, that's it. I hate days like that. And tonight I have yet to get started on anything. So I will look into my files, I think I still have a few items un-uploaded from the crop, 2 weeks ago.

This here is a mini book. Magenta makes these cute kits, with enough supplies to make 3 mini-books. I covered this one with My Mind's Eye paper, embellished with some nice brown ribbon, and some fun Autumn Leaves/ Foofala buttons. Now, the ultimate question, what do you use such a small book for? (I think it's 2-1/4 square, maybe?)


  1. I can totally relate. I just had an entire week like that this past week. The latest SCS sketch has inspired me a little, so I might try that tonight. I hope you get inpired soon!

  2. The little books are used to record all your tiny little secrets in them.


  3. Natasha, your book looks super cute! I am with Adelina! Challenge get me out of my stampin' slumps.