Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shimmery Flowers

While getting the store's Mother's Day cards returns ready,I found these awesome shimmery white envelopes. The company only takes the cards back, not the envelopes. I was curious how these would stamp and watercolour, so I took them home. Well, I am happy to say they worked quite nicely! I used Bothway Blossoms and had some fun watercolouring. Here's a close-up of the shimmery-ness, since it's hard to see in a non-zoomed photo.

The rest of the card is relatively simple. I didn't want to take away from the shimmery goodness. So I used some more of my Au Chocolat paper. I've gotten better at actually using my designer papers. I used to really struggle with it, as if I was saving them all for the perfect scrapbook page in the future. I've finally realized that there is so much selection out there anyway, that when I am ready to make that "perfect" page, I'll probably get something else for it anyway. I might as well use what I have on cards! It's really hard to train yourself this way, but I'm getting better at using my giant Kassett box-ful of 12x12 papers! Because I started this card with the central panel, it ended up being an odd size. The card is 6-3/8x4-3/8.


  1. I love this card! You use that Chocolat paper so well, I will have to try this card.

  2. Natasha, your card is beautiful!