Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Colours of Summer

First off, I've got these colours of summer, the new In Colors that is... I've used 4 of the 6 new colours here. The floral center is guava, the next circle of colour is pomegranate, followed by an outline of wasabi. The background is bayou. I threw in a bit of caramel as my 2nd neutral. This card opens up vertically, the caramel piece with the greeting is actually on the bottom of the interior. So the cardfront is cut about 1-1/2 inches shorter.

Now for some other colours of summer! I love taking flower pictures, and our garden is in full bloom. Here is a really neat iris. Instead of the blend of one colour into another (like the yellow into red, or the purple into white), this one actually has lines of white in it. It's very pretty! We also finally had some black irises, and white irises bloom with the rest of them (they seem to be a little off, the black ones hadn't come up at all before, and the white ones bloomed in the fall) .

Our poppies just started opening these past few days. They are insane! The one I photographed here comes up to my chest! It also is crazy how so much flower can be jam-packed in one small bud.

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