Friday, June 08, 2007

A Trupptastic Take Two

I'm sure if you are a regular blog browser, you may have seen this type of challenge. Two different designers take the same supplies, then see the different cards they come up with. So for the first one, I chose the stamp set Eat Cake, and the colours seen in the Party Pieces Scrappin' Kit (orange, turquoise, and olive). I also allowed the use of chocolate, white, and kraft as neutrals. Those were pretty much the only rules. Tamara and I did this challenge. It's a bit different, since we were actually in the same room. So I had started doing something, and she saw that I was doing that, so then she altered her design (we wouldn't want the same idea, at least for our first challenge like this). Here are our cards.Tamara's is on the left. I love how she made the On The Spot background truly, and awesomely, unique. She embossed the cake with the gelly powder EP pearly sparkle. It gives a rainbow-holographic effect. Mine is on the right. I dyed my own glitter. Because I didn't wait for all the moisture to be out of it, it's a bit fluffy, and almost looks more like orange liquid applique. I made a little shrink plastic oval charm. I remember reading about string called "scrapper's floss", so I figured, I'll try actual unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss. It worked wonderfully.

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