Monday, June 25, 2007

Lovely Times

I am one day closer to "freedom". I have been training a replacement at work before I leave, and last week was quite frustrating. But today, she was finally really getting everything. It was a huge relief, let's hope that keeps up!! In the mean time, to "waste time" waiting for the new catalog to appear, I have been creating all sorts of Love-themed card. June is really February in card publication times. So here I am, making Valentine's day cards. Here's a sneak peak of one card I made. I could show the whole thing, but I just really like this shot.

Here's a card I will show in its entirety. This one is based on Julee's sketch here: Poetic Artistry . I turned the sketch on its side, and changed it just a touch. Because I was using smaller images and I wasn't paying very good attention to my measurements, this format just worked out better. Once again my ribbon served as the inspiration for the colours. (For those wondering, I got the ribbon at a city wholesaler: Gale's Wholesale. They only had 2 stitched in this type, brown with pink, and pink with brown. They also had 2 saddle/double stitched grosgrain, cocoa with caramel, and caramel with cocoa).
I embossed the
chocolates with the gel-a-tins chocolate bliss embossing powder. If you check out the set, you may have noticed that the quote I put on there is in a circle. Well, one of those handy things about clear stamps is you can cut a shape, and it will naturally bounce back to its original form. For this card, a circle quote wasn't appropriate, so I made a single cut (carefully!) breaking up the circle. Then I used double-sided tape to straighten out the circle (since it is inclined to go back to circular form). It's really easy, but if you want a picture explanation, let me know!


  1. So glad your replacement is finally getting it. It's so frustrating training someone who just isn't "there". Love your card for the sketch. Now I'm craving some chocolates! :)

  2. That card looks yuuuummy!

  3. Delicious! Love that sentiment and "truffles are the bomb in the chocolate world indeed" - Ida