Monday, March 17, 2008


Earlier this weekend, I wasn't feel very inspired. When that happens, I find that making ultra-simple, 3x3 cards really helps out. Since I have been on a Verve Visual kick, I figured I'd make some cards with the new stamps.

First up, the Starlight, Starbright. I started with the sentiment (love this one, there's really not enough sentiment stamps out there calling people superstars!). Next, I stamped a star on some white, cut it out, popped it up on the mustard and stamped a starry trail. I added a pierced border, and that was that!

Next up, Wild Thing & Happy Thoughts. I hadn't had a chance to use these sets yet. The Wild Thing set is really more of a valentine's set, but I like the design of the hearts, and figured they'd pair well with the sentiments in Happy Thoughts. This card probably took 2 minutes to make. Stamp the heart border, stamp the sentiment, stamp a big heart, cut it out, and pop it up on pop dots. Done and Done.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I really thought your superstar card was eye catching and simple. What more does a person want. It would be a very good masculine card, which is hard to crreate at times.
    Good work!