Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tulips and a RAK

I took some photos of the tulips today. They are so pretty. I was especially excited to do this because I bought my new camera in winter. And really, as pretty as winter scenery can be, flowers are so much more fun! I was playing around with a few settings. For those others out there who have the Olympus SP-510UZ, I found I got the best shots with the "cuisine" setting in brightly lit areas. I actually use this setting for my card photographs (indoors or outdoors). I've had the most luck with what the camera decides to auto-focus on in this setting. It usually picks the right thing, and you get that cool out-of-focus background. I thought I'd just share that tip. So here's my lovely tulip photo:

In fun mail news, I received this awesome RAK from Tara. It's beautiful! Love the papers and colours she used. There's a touch of glitter on the flower, it really sparkles. Thank you!


  1. Ah I love the flowers in the backyard. How are those irises looking this year?


  2. Your tulip photo is *gorgeous*!