Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Falling Leaves

First off, looks like there's enough interest in the 5/8" ribbon share for it to go through. So look for details in 7-10 days! If you're still interested and haven't emailed, etc, let me know, there is still an opening, and I can always make a waitlist in case someone can't make it!

Secondly, did everybody see this beauty by Trudee?? I loved it, and decided to make my own version. First I cut a 3" square, then daubed mustard and white chalk into the square. Next, I stamped the leaves, leaving the mask on. I coloured them in really rust reinker. I decided to do this on kraft paper because I thought the chalk reverse mask would show up better. I don't, thankfully, need a sympathy card, but I thought this design worked well for the theme, and then the next time I need one, I don't need to concentrate on making one.

Thirdly, my PaperTrey stamps arrived! Unfortunately, for the first time EVER in my ordering crafty stuff from the U.S., I got customs charges. I feel that if I am ordering a product that is made in the USA, that CANNOT be bought anywhere in Canada, I should not have to pay Canadian taxes on that product. Of course, I also think that with them recently raising the 48-hour limit spending amount, they should have also adjusted the postal allowances. Okay, rant over :D New stamps!


  1. Love this...may have to try my hand at something similar!

  2. This is really pretty! Love the simplicity of the single layer - always a favorite layout for me :) TFS!

  3. Beautiful card!
    I always end up paying customs if my parcel comes UPS. Did your parcel come that way? When I order from the States I always make sure it goes through USPS and Canada Post. If they can't send it that way I don't order.
    Looking forward to the ribbon share!

  4. Nope, it was USPS. The only time I would ever order UPS-delivered items from the States is from SU!, since they have already taken care of brokerage fees for demos.

  5. Oh, I love it, Natasha!! YOU ROCK!! :D