Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Colour challenge Tuesday!

I looked at today's colours: blue bayou, soft sky, and cameo coral, and thought, Meh. Well, that was before I tried it! This card all started out when I wanted to test out my new 10% gray tone prismacolors. I love the glow-outline effect around certain stamped images and wanted to try it for myself. I picked up the markers today at the University Bookstore. Anyway, so first up, finding an image that would work with a halo glow. Hmmm, I decided on the Year After Year. I looked at the images, and it dawned on me- hey, that elephant just might work with the colour challenge! So I started watercolouring it with soft sky, then adding shades of blue bayou. Lastly, I did my little halo effect. Now, this is my first attempt at it. I learned that the markers will reactive the versafine. In this case, that was okay, I liked the blended effect. Next up, deciding on a layout. It's a pretty basic one. At first I didn't have the button or stitching, but then I noticed I was lacking an obvious visual triangle. The button seemed to nicely complete this triangle, except then it seemed out of place. So, paper piercing, followed by stitching! And so, it all came together!
Other stamps on here: rattle from Holiday Blitz, saying from So Many Sayings, Linen background