Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Party Invite and a book

Since I only recently got Mix and Mingle, I better use it, right! So here's a fun little card. I LOVE this Scenic Route paper. I am slowly becoming quite obsessed with orange, olive, and turquoise together (kind of like how I was with my winter colour combo-obsession: chocolate, teal, and rose). It just seems very summery to me, and I keep using it! I kept it very simple, because usually with invites, you'd be making several, so I kept it mass-production friendly (minimal layers, one step stamping/inking, easy embellishments).

I also felt like playing around with chipboard. Whenever I do this, I almost never have a final project in mind, I just like covering chipboard. Like today... I just grabbed a chipboard flower, then some paper, then I set to work. Only after I had it all nicely sanded, I actually really looked at it. What the heck would I do with an alphabet covered flower??? Well.... how about decorate a journal with it! So that's just what I did. I still had plenty of alphabet paper left, so I figured I'd cover the back with it.

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  1. Love your mix and mingle card, one day i will find that set..