Monday, November 06, 2006

Bad Stamping Day...

This card, I had high hopes for and I had lots of really inspiring cards in mind, but it just didn't work out completely. I decided to give photo corners a try. I like how those turned out. I really liked LodiChick's idea of flipping the petal print flowers and grouping them, and that worked out alright. I got the photo corners placed, and then I didn't know what to do with the birthday greeting (it had to be a birthday card, by request). So the greeting is there, but it seems like kind of an afterthought. I was also going to put some hodgepodge hardware on here, but then the whole thing dumped on the floor. (Keep in mind I have only used about 2 pieces from this set of hardware, so yeah, over 100 metal embellishments falling onto a berber carpet, not a good time). Amazingly, everything BUT the brads fell out, so it wasn't too much of a pain to pick up. And then, after that was cleaned up, the whole Amazing to Zany set jumped ship. I wasn't even near it, and boy did those pieces scatter! It's crazy, things I've had stacked for weeks are suddenly decided to randomly collapse. Perhaps it is a good thing that I am leaving for work in the next 25 minutes... Anyway, here is the card.


  1. i love your cards!! I love watching the site every day for a new idea!! thanks
    liz memmott

  2. Love how you did the photo corners!

  3. Too funny. I keep imagining things flying off your table! Love the card.