Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yay for embossing!!

I made this card following the layout of the SCS sketch challenge. I don't usually do layouts like this because I have a tendency to make them too busy or too lacking. I was really happy with this one because I solved the bare background problem by embossing it! This card is going to go to my friends, Carly and Arron who just recently bought a house!!


  1. I love that. Very nice. I've been itching to do some embossing. Do you use a light table?

  2. I do use a light table. I've tried blind embossing, it's too awkward. If you've got a light table, you might as well use it. :D

  3. love this card..
    thanks for the idea
    its making me love this set more and more
    liz memmott
    stamping in utah