Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More clear cards

I tell you, making this kind of card is becoming an obsession. There's something really satisfying about using the clear medium as a base, not sure why.
In case you are wondering what I use, here's a mini product review:

I went to Staples today to pick up the slightly sturdier acetate. This was not the easiest of tasks. All of the boxes say they are .10mm thick. However, some are sturdier than others.

  • The write-on acetate is very flimsy. This type works well for making shaker boxes and doing mirror stamping. It is also the cheapest. For about $14.00CDN you get 100. I would not recommend the write-on transparencies for use as a stand-alone card.However, you can use this type of transparency if your design has a reinforcing cardstock fold.
  • I bought the box that is intended for use in a copier. These are $32.00CDN for a box of 100. These transparencies, although also .10mm thick, are way sturdier. They score nicely and stand up just fine. They also are embossable (that was the first thing I checked once I was home). I also just ran the copier transparency through my laser printer, and it turned out beautifully! Just remember to open up the feed so that it goes straight through.
  • The store had ones that are designed for laser printers, they are even more expensive. For 50 it was $24.00 CDN. They had boxes of the copier and laser open, and honestly I could not tell the difference. One did not feel any different then the other(i.e no special coating, equally sturdy, etc.).
  • As far as comparison with Stampin' Up!'s window sheets? These are the heaviest feeling transparencies that I have found. I believe these are also embossable, however they are not nearly as cost-effective as buying a box of 100. Also, I think they are temporarily unavailable.

This card measures 6-1/4x3-1/2. I rolled my Bodacious jumbo wheel through the white stazon a few times, then rolled it onto the cardfront. The white piece (which is 2-1/4x5) was decorated with the small leaves and the swirls from Bodacious Bouquet. Then I stamped and cut out the bigger flowers. The biggest flower is regal rose stamped off once, then rocked/rolled in rose red. That one is also popped up on a dimensional and the little dots in the center are covered with glitter. I put a piece of regal rose on the interior (this piece is 5-1/2x2-1/2). Just a brief note about doing clear cards like this, attach your interior piece first so that you can center the front piece easily overtop of it.


  1. Bravo! Absolutely your design, which I will surely CASE! No wonder you love doing them...they are uber-wonderful!

  2. Those are beautiful! I'll have to try one one of these days...after I get thru making my Christmas cards!
    I love your blog!
    Kerry in B.C., Canada

  3. Thanks for the info girly!! I was cheap and bought the ones that won't stand up! That's what I get, eh?
    I'll need to get to staples and get me some!

  4. love the clear cards!! I think I am going to have to give my hand a try at them now! :) Thanks for the info too!!

  5. Hi Natasha. I love your transparency cards...I am going to be making one for a Stamper's Group next Friday...I thought I had Window Sheets somewhere...but can't find them...I read your post about shopping for transparencies...which one would you buy for making a transparency card like your Big Pieces one? I couldn't find your email anywhere!