Monday, November 27, 2006

Clearly, she has returned!

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I was a little more swampled by work then I expected to be (the word swampled has been brought to you by my sister Tamara). Anyway, I'm back now, and I should have time these next few days to be creative.
Don't you love it when a card just comes together. This one took no more than 10 minutes, and I love it. I finally broke open my thicker acetate ( I need to get some more of that stuff, add it to the growing list of stuff to pick up from Staples...). I wanted a clear card that would actually stand up and stay folded decently and this worked out great. I had my spectrum pat, Blue Frost still on my work table and the other day I had been thinking how pretty the dove from Wishing You would look in those blues. I stamped that first, then sorted through my backgrounds. French Script offered the classic touch I sought. I stamped that with the white stazon on the acetate. I attached all the pieces with glue dots, they provide a clean, close to invisible way of adherance (is that a word??). Then I finished it off with some white organdy and silver cord. Voila, one simply elegant card. I would love to do this for the Christmas card, but the knot would require extra postage, and thicker acetate isn't the cheapest medium. I suppose I could make this one for my non-mailing group.

Oh man, I cannot wait for January right now. I'm planning on getting the Carte Postale set and the matching French Flair, and I can just see the same card design with those stamps. Top that off with the fact that a friend mentioned wedding invitation design...too many things swirling in this head of mine, but that's a good thing.


  1. Stunning! I can personally vouch for French Flair looking stunning on acetate! :D That one stamp was the impetus for buying a box of acetate and the white Stazon. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. gorgeous! waiting until January? you're GOOD! :) Me, I don't want to wait, but I want free SAB! hmmm. still haven't ordered, so I am still being good, but it will happen, I know it will! this card is gorgeous. I didn't pick up thick enough acetate when I went to staples, but I will now!

  3. this! Can't wait to see the design w/ Carte Postale. Adore that set! :)

  4. I have GOT to try this!!
    This is soooo cool!