Saturday, April 07, 2007

Make a wish!

Here's a cute little card I just finished. It measures 3-15/16 x3-15/16. The littlest squares are each 7/8x7/8. The central square is 2-7/8x2-7/8. If you are making this type of card, I highly recommend using a somewhat removable adhesive. Otherwise, if you don't get the spacing just so on the outer squares, it could get frustrating. Luckily I have some removable adhesive, until it's pressed down. I got it at a local dollar store.

Since I was going with the whole glitzy theme, I misted the card, once finished, with some pearlex and alchohol mixture. It sure is sparkly :D. The stamps are by gelatins.


  1. Ooh back to the blues! I like it.


  2. This is great! I've added it to Caardvark's gallery! ~Jen

  3. wow! I love the blocks of stars.... and I love it more now that I read its sparkly!

    Caardvarks Sarah