Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Seven Random Facts!

Well, certainly enough of you tagged me...So here are seven random facts about me!
1) I am constantly writing my name. When I run out of ideas for doodles, I do my signature over and over again.
2) I've always had at least one cat in my life, since birth! There was Deena (who passed on in 1995), and still alive and well, are: Gizmo(16), Sammi (11), Nigel (technically not mine, but lived at my house for a while, no clue where he's at, as he was my brother's roommate's cat), and Jessie (6, currently in Victoria, but will be returning in May).
3) I like to sing, but my voice is too low to sing along with most popular female singers. So I end up singing along with male singers.
4) I'm a hobby demo, but I love designing classes and workshops that never take place.
5) When I was little (think 3-5 years old), I came up with strange explanations for things. Like I thought the moon was actually the earth's reflection, and that there was this giant mirror set up over Russia that reflected the Earth. The reflection was shades of white, because in my mind Russia was a bleak place that had a no colour.
6) I'm not an angry person. I avoid conflict, but when I have to help a customer with the photocopier, I am filled with rage, but I carry on with oozing sweetness and a smile.
7) I'm short, not quite reaching 5 foot 2. My license says that I'm 5 foot 3 though. Speaking of licenses, I need to renew that soon, AND I need a new picture, boo-urns.

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  1. Thanks for playing along. So fun to get to know you better. Love your blog! Linda