Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Sunflowers!

I really liked how my sunflower turned out the other day, so I decided to try another card featuring those. I added some leaves this time as well. Both the flowers and leaves are from gelatins Sparkle & Shine. I kissed them against Linen, so they'd have that fun texture. Then cut them out, punched and stamped chocolate circles, did a little sponging on the side, then stamped my card and panel with Weathered, and that was it! A relatively quick card, other than the cutting out (which I did last night). The rest of the card I managed to finish up before heading off to work. It's been like a mini-VSN for me these past two mornings. I've started a card image the night before, then in the 25 spare minutes I've got in the morning, it's this crazy mad dash pulling a card together. I don't have quite enough time to get in photographed and uploaded in the morning, but it's nice to have something ready to post once I'm home. It's also really nice to be creative before going to work.

1 comment:

  1. I like sunflowers. This is very pretty! I may steal the weathered background stamp when I am home. :D