Saturday, April 21, 2007

What up Dawg?

After a day of "serious" stamping, so to speak (it's all fun, but still...) I decided to break out the silly. You know how sometimes you just want to colour something in? That's where this all started... I felt like watercolouring, but didn't, if you know what I mean. So I used stampin' pastels and blender pens. I love this little dog, he's so cute! I decided to use silver as my accent colour, so I broke out the precious brushed silver, and also silver cord, and eyelets. I also decided to try something new. I was out shopping this morning, and saw some amazing suede paper. Not a fan of the price tag though (2.00 for an 8.5x11). Then, I remembered, hey, what about faux suede. From what I've seen in the past, it looks pretty genuine. I got out my vanilla craft ink and sponged and smeared on the red paper. I also added back in some red ink since there were some spots that I dabbed a bit too much of the vanilla ink on. I really like how it turned out. It does trick the eye and fool you into wanting to feel it. So here's where the silly part begins. I wanted a small greeting. I thought about using something from the Paper Tray set, but wanted something fluffy. So I joked to my sister that I should use "what up dawg?", I also suggested "throw me a frickin' bone here", but that really didn't go with the occasion I intend to use it for.

So how did I do the sentiment, easy! I opened up Elements and created a new document that was 1.25 inches square. Then I typed in my message and scrolled through my hundreds of fonts until I found one I like (I do have a font reference sheet somewhere around here, but it is currently MIA). I settled on Twelve Ton Goldfish. I printed it out, and punched it out, and that was is it! Done, and done :D


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