Friday, April 06, 2007

More April Birthdays...

Seriously, I know too many people with birthdays this month. Here's one for my uncle. I decided to do this week's sketch challenge, since it's been a while since I last did one. I really like the Stay Tuned set, but have maybe used it 4 times. So this morning, I was determined to put it to use. I also didn't feel like doing a lot of background stamping, so patterned paper it was! This assortment is from the 3rd Costco paper pack I believe. I had the card all done, but it wasn't feeling done. So I added the navy ribbon, but then the balance was off. So, I added little knots onto the ribbon with glue dots. Then, it seemed to work again.

In other news, I've received my 2nd blogger's rak! Very exciting. (I guess I need to get moving and send some more out!!) This one comes from Allison of Stampin' When I Can!. I love it, what cheerful mail! Thank you! Happy Easter Weekend everyone. Don't over-do it on
chocolate eggs and other yummies!

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  1. I love your TV card...I have a Cat's Pajamas stamp that is super close (oh no, I feel a CASE coming on!). I am glad you got my RAK...I am trying to preempt the flow (since I always seem to be RAKing back!)...