Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Toys!

I was very disappointed to come home to no crafty packages. I have several things coming from several places, so I was a little sad. My UPS shipment was held up at customs. Boo! I had forgotten about the fact that customs would've been closed Friday and Monday, so there was probably a backlog today. Here's hoping it finally arrives tomorrow. In the mean time, I picked up a few other items. I got a few of the Fiskars texture plates. They are pretty neat. I was a tad annoyed, the packaging says it contains these 2- bubbles/dots, but instead it contained snowflakes/raindrops. However, the snowflakes are pretty neat. I'd never used this tool before, so it took a few tries for me to get it right. I found that I needed to actually tape down the piece of paper. I used masking tape, after de-stickifying it a bit more. I figured with the downward pressure from the embossing, the masking tape would stick too much. In case you're wondering how, just touch the sticky side against your hands. The natural oils in your skin do a good job at taking away some of the sticky. I also finally figured out the right motion, it says circular motion, I found that very small, hard motions worked best.

The other item I picked up today.... was the cropodile. This is one of those items that I had heard tons of crafters rave about, but I didn't really know. I had never tried it. Oh my goodness. It's amazing. Just the silent eyelet setting alone is worth the money. I had these large flower eyelets from Stampin' Up! and I could not get them to set nicely without severely warping the front and/or back. Well, now I can finally use these! I love it!! It's so nice not to have to hammer, that always left my hands kind of tingly. I can see why eyelets made a bit of a come-back. They are as easy to use as brads, with the right tool!

Here's my card. I used a Pink Cat Studio stamp, the blossoms texture plate, and my retired SU! eyelets.